Despite having the technology to make homes self-sufficient, uptake of renewable energy has flattened

This is due to a combination of high upfront costs, safety concerns and the long timeframe for return on investment

Our home wind turbine system has a much lower upfront cost with ease of installation and maintenance

Wind power is also a much more consistent and efficient source of renewable energy in the UK

This provides a much shorter return timeframe for homeowners and businesses

Expect to generate savings of £1,000 and return investment within one year

This is a tenth the return time for solar and heat pumps, which is estimated at 10+ years

To mitigate risks, we are also offering complementary insurance to supplement existing insurance coverage

Risks associated with wind turbines are low, but can include:

Any damages caused by our turbines that are not covered by an existing comprehensive home insurance or licensed electrician’s installation liability insurance will be covered by the company’s professional indemnity insurance

A range of possible payment options are available to suit customer preferences and circumstances